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A school in Ohio where the football coach beats more players then they win games
"Coach fry beat me until our St.Marys Ohio football team o
Won a game"
by St.marys March 24, 2017
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# A small town in the mid-west Ohio where incest was introduced to the human race. The Indians used this small area as their mating ground until the english started to use it as their "disposal" area for trash, human feces, and other useless materials. Those were the positive facts, now on to the negatives. St Marys is the ground zero to many diseases and disasters. One of those diseases were aids and ganeria. This town was discovered by a man of Adolf Hitler. Hitler discovered this town and named it one day after he took a massive shit on what is today their monument. Hitler founded this town before his hate of jews and one day after seeing a Jew in st Marys he said to himself "damn, I hate Jews", and that's why this town is also known as Hitlers beginning.
"I fucked a girl in St.Marys Ohio and I now have Aids".

"ah fuck, I just stumbled my toe. Fuck you St.Marys Ohio"

"My Jewish friends was shot by a Nazi, thanks St.Marys Ohio " he said sarcasticly.
by Retr0_111 December 27, 2017
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A town in Mid-West Ohio filled with hoes, thots and fuck boys. Most people there are fake and unloyal.
"I screwed this girl from St.Marys Ohio"
"I heard all they are is unloyal hoes"
by CelinaGirl69 January 08, 2017
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