An all-girls school in Portland, OR. Often subject to criticism from girls who attend the other local private schools. While many will automatically sneer at its lack of boys, school spirit and location, it is in truth a fantastic school. It is the only school in the state to win the national Blue Ribbon award for education TWICE and also has a great 6A golf team and a number of other 4A teams. SMA is truly a home for many; it is one of the most economically and ethnically diverse schools in the area because of its location right in the heart of downtown. As to the claims that SMA girls act sluttily around boys, this is untrue. Girls are just more confident and comfortable in their own skin.
Boy #1: hey, where does that girl you brought to last week's dance go to school?

Boy #2: She goes to St. Mary's Academy.

Boy #1: wow, she was so smart, confident and cute! I wonder if any of her friends want to come to the next dance?
by MizLiz October 09, 2010
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An all-girls high school in downtown Portland, OR. Despite being a Catholic school, it is very liberal. Approximately 50% of its students are Catholic - the same percentage as when it was created in 1859. Known for it's hard work load, and for fostering acceptance, leadership, independence and individuality in its students. Its two largest clubs are Theater Club and Sci-fi Fantasy Club. Its downtown location means most girls are comfortable using public transport to get around and are familiar with the city.

Also known for girls who don't know how to act around boys when they see them.
You're a feminist, pro-gay, theater nerd who's parents let her take the bus anywhere? Are you sure you don't go to St. Mary's Academy?
by madi2012 January 09, 2011
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An all-girls catholic high school located in downtown Portland, OR.

Known for extremely sheltered and judgemental nerds.
When the girls go out and there are guys there, they act exceptionally slutty, for lack of daily male interactions.

Known for high stress, and girls who are too-excited about learning.
Andrew: Where do you go to school again?

Anna: St. Mary's Academy, aka a living hell hole

Andrew: lol, succkss
by Anna=) November 06, 2009
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A catholic private school hell hole in winnipeg manitoba canada for girls who want to be treated like humans but end up getting treated worse. It’s filled with mentally abusive teachers and the occasional one that doesn’t give a fuck about you
Omg Emma you went to St Mary’s Academy how tf did you survive!!
by Mr Kitith June 25, 2018
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The only all girls, Pre-K through 12 school in Rhode Island.
Pretty much every where you go out in public, you see someone you know that goes to Bay View, is a parent or grandparent of a Bay View student, went to Bay View at some point in their life, or knows Bay View as their "sister school"- aka, the Hendricken boys.
Bay View puts on a kick-ass show, called "Manhattan at the Bay" or better known to the students as cabaret. Everyone in the state of RI either has seen this show, or knows about it.
Bay View also offers every sport that a girl can play, and basically beats every team in the state, whether they're girls teams or not.
St. Mary Academy Bay View hallway conversations go like this:

Girl 2: NO WAY! well, why can't vampires have short hair? I mean, vampires can cut their hair, what's the big deal?!
Girl 1: Yeah, that's true, he still looks good.
by Johnny Jacob February 17, 2009
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