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A high school in holmdel nj that just complety and utterly sucks. Most people are douches the girls act like sluts but dont put out at all the guys are assholes and suck at most sports. one of the algebra teachers is a possible pedophile. filled kids who think its hilarious to hump other guys in the hallway when its just straight up gay. the black kids are all tight with each other which is honestly the only cool thing about SJVHS(I should know):). people talk about each other behind other peoples back. filled with fuckin fake ass pussy faggots. the only reason to go here is for the laptop and those suck to. also the cheapest school ever. i mean you pay near 10,000 bucks to get in and the inside of the school looks like the worst possible shit ever. I even feel like shit for even go to this shit hole. SJVHS please burn in hell
man fuck St John Vianney HS with a burning passion
by imblackandhateSJVHS January 08, 2011
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