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By the far the wealthiest neighborhood in the mid-sized city of Pittsburgh, PA. It is chock full of Starbucks, Synagogues and J.A.P.s, WASPs and their mothers. Everyone who is anyone is an alum or a future alum of Taylor Allderdice-Squirrel Hill's Blue Ribbon School that pumps out gorgeous Ivy League-bound intellectuals, driven Division-One athletes and beautiful well-rounded individuals ready for 4 years of fun at wickedly expensive liberal arts schools. The girls are stylish and sophisticated, clique-y and have been bred to be ambitious and bossy from years of varsity sports. The boys are well dressed and mildly out of control- believing they can do anything, date anyone and smoke weed and booze anywhere (and they can). Growing up on the East End ensures knowing how to have outrageous nights partying like a rockstar while making sure that the only thing that those noisy soccer moms are gossiping about is your complete success.
I am from Squirrel Hill and you wish you were me.
by Gloria Ribbon April 06, 2005
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This neighborhood in Pittsburgh is by far the best neighborhood to live in. Everyone knows everyone and the drama between friends is crazy. All groups of friends know each other and party together yet they all hate each other on the inside. You either belong to Beth Shalom or aren't Jewish but everyone thinks you are. Everyone is rich here and shows off their money with huge partys for their bar/bat mitzvah. Parents think their kids are little angels and will give them whatever they want, and the kids like it this way.
Overall, the best place to live!
I want to live in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh for the rest of my life
by Casey Cohen October 02, 2005
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