A female you or one of your friends is, or potentially could be, interested in achieving climax with.
diz mai squidz
dun worry, she'z cool
by a$h December 20, 2007
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its a large crustacious animal

I'm gonna rope me a squid. I'm gonna rope the biggest squid this side of the Rio Grande. You goin' down squid! My pappies blood will be avenged! You have the blood of my pappy on your tentacles! I won't rest until I get your big squid beak on my walls! My veins pump full of blood of hatred for you squid! I hate you with everything!
by Saoancaker March 14, 2006
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" Hey bud, I'm just going outside to crush a Squid."
"brb, crushing a squid"

Also see: dart, sagrit, cigarette, Sheag
by LongJohn69er September 17, 2013
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A jerk. A slimy, smelly loser from one of the many bars in Seaside heights, NJ.
Did you see that loser trying to talk to me, total squid, huge like as in Captain Nemo sized.
by WhiteOrchid August 02, 2009
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