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To fart, pass gas in a loud and farty manner. No SBD's (silent but deadly). Requires sound. Preferrably loud. Smell not required.

Coined after a very kind person gave a toy hedgehog to someone who recognized the toy as a hedgehog. Giver was not aware that when you squeezed the hedgehog it gave off a loud fart sound. He was rather embarassed when he discovered it when he said "Hey, I think it talks!" ande then squeezed out a loud hedgehog...Priceless.
"Wow, I had way too much beer and way too many buffalo wings last night. I'm going to be squeezing the hedgehog all day."

"My stomach hurts. I really need to squeeze the hedgehog, alot."

"Don't come over here. I just squeezed the hedgehog and it stinks still."
by The Squozen Hedgehog May 14, 2010
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