the combination of the joiing of a fork and a spoon.
"They dont have forks and spoons, only sporks."

"OMG Becky! He sporked me last night!"
by K-Faye February 18, 2008
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Someone who’s indecisive and immensely lost in their identity, also very weak-minded because I’ve never seen a metal spork that’s covered in 24k gold, always gotta be plastic 🤢
-“Hey who invited the spork to the sleepover?”
-“Ew gross it wasn’t me
by h3ck3rman December 10, 2020
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Dan: Phil, did you eat my cereal again?

Phil: maybe?

Dan: god, you're such a spork Phil
by fluffy-black-unicorn December 29, 2016
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When a man and a women have sex in a spooning position
I was sporking the missus the other day because I was too lazy to go on top
by Football97 March 14, 2017
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Spork is one of the kindest people in earth, theyre always ready to listen to you talk about something, whether it's about how your ear bled one day or how your mom took your phone, they are there to listen. spork is extremely easy going and can adapt to any situation, im happy to consider spork my friend :)
"Hey do you know who spork is?" "spork? They're one of the most easy going people ever!"
by baby.augustslollipop July 4, 2021
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When two bi girls scissor
Lets go spork.
She loves sporking
They sporked.
by DaddyNikkiSixx January 31, 2016
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Smartest Person Ever: Why only PLASTIC sporks here, and not any METAL sporks?
The Person Ever: I dont know, just somethin they do
by NotIsaacWasTaken March 18, 2023
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