Spiritual Sciences, or the singular Spiritual Science, also refered as supernatural sciences, esoteric sciences and modern occult sciences, studies the spiritual, supernatural, occult and esoteric aspects of human life, having several similarities with humanities, spiritual sciences, spite the use of the term sciences, they are considered as a spiritual branch of humanities and do not consider themselves as scientific compared into hard sciences, same that happens with humanities. Spiritual sciences are usually considered as a form of spiritual belief and studying. Spiritual sciences differs from humanities in the sense spiritual sciences studies the spiritual aspects of human life with a spiritual outlook while the humanities studies the material aspects of human life in a materialist outlook.
"Spiritual sciences are a nice area of study inside humanities, but this is an area that needs to be developed even more and might have a lot of problems with neoatheists, but there's no problem with it since they do not consider humanities as a science, so spiritual sciences are on its home."

"I should develop a department of spiritual sciences in my university, but it would get a lot of resistance and it would be an area that would get literally no working field nor working market, but still, that would be a nice way to make humanities to resist all the attempts of hard sciences on taking over the space of humanities and even find a way to balance both."

"Spiritual sciences includes several areas such as the areas of study of occult sciences, paraphilosophy, logical supernaturalism, extraphysics, metaphysics, deep spirituality studies, deep supernaturality studies, philosophical studies on spirituality and supernaturality, theological divinialism, perennialism, theoretical extraphysicism, occult psychology, spiritual psychology, occult philosophy, spiritual philosophy and others."
by Full Monteirism February 24, 2021
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