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A corporate figurehead, spokesman, PR or advertising executive whose primary role is to spin fictional narratives that portray a predatory organization in a positive light.

Spinning tops are often so detached from the actual product and spirit of their enterprise, that they do not realize they are lying. This is usually the case with advertising & PR agencies, who do not see the responsibility that comes with creativity and visibility.

Other tops spin consciously. This is usually the case with CEO's and internal PR officers.

AKA: a paid shill, a liar, a snake-oil salesman
As the spinning top at BP North America, Tony Hayward attempted to portray BP as a green and benevolent company which simply volunteered to clean up the 2010 oil leak in the gulf, in an attempt to hide the fact that BP's misplaced profit priorities caused the accident in the fist place.
by jojojosie July 19, 2010
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