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Background: You hate your boss. He is a spine surgeon. He has a putrid daughter who happens to be home for Christmas. You've had a particularly bad week. You want vengeance.

"Spine surgeon's daughter" is exacting said vengeance through the following elaborate well-orchestrated plot:
1. Seduce the vile vixen.
2. Defile her in a very uncomfotable place, like the back of a Volkswagon. Bareback that shit.
3. After blowing your load in her steaming cunt, grab a wet handful of spent love in your dominant hand.
4. Immediately drive to the spine surgeon's house, keeping your hand in a tight cup to maximize fluid rentention. Avoid bumpy roads and speedbumps. Use alternate route if needed.
5. Ring doorbell with non-dominant hand. Assume 70-30 fighting stance.
6. When unsuspecting asshole boss opens the door, deliver combo of your spooge and his daughter's lovejuice with full force across his cherubic face. Tell him, "(Daughter's name) says 'Hi!'"
7 (optional). As he lies quivering in his festering pile of lost innocence, drop his daughter's ripped size 14 panties on his bloated convulsing frame.

8. Walk away triumphantly into the night.

Also applicable in the following contexts:
Managing partner's daughter
President's daughter
Vice-president's daughter
Senator's daughter
Director's daughter
Owner's daughter
Coach's daughter (very risky)
The Chelsea or The Jenna (beware of secret service)
Why don't you just Spiderman her?" "No fucking way. He's getting the 'spine surgeon's daughter.'
by Ballin' Callin' & Stallin' December 28, 2010
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