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A game which suicidle indiviuals partake in. A group of 5 or 6 or so sit in a circle around a pocket knife. They spin the knife and who ever the blade lands on has to place one slit on his/er wrist. It just keeps going until a person dies; the first person to die is a winner. It continues until one person is left. The last person writes down the order in which the people dies; first to last(including himself). Then fall on the blade and waits to to die. Corbin G. was the founder of this game and was a great teenage who lost his life to the game. This is for imformational purposes only; don't play at home.
Dude im sick of life
you can join me and some friends in a game of spin the knife
I'm in bro
by thegodfather21 January 27, 2011
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Like Spin the Bottle, only there's no romance whatsoever. In its place, there is murder and bloodshed. This game is Round-based, where a group of at least 5 people sit at a table with a knife placed on top of it and one person spins the knife. The first person that has the tip pointed to them is the Killer of that Round, where the second person that has the knife's tip pointed at them is the Victim. The game goes for as many Rounds until there is only one person remaining. The Last Man Standing is the Winner of the Game. The Aim of the Game is to not Die. But when the Host dies, everyone else must Scatter.
Round One Victim: Hey, do you wanna play Spin The Knife?
Round One Killer: Yeah, sure.

*Host (Who just happened to be the Round One Victim) spins the Knife* *Knife points to Round One Killer, then Round One Victim*
Round One Victim: Man, I suck at this game...
by ArchTitans November 02, 2017
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