When you know somebody has gossip you want to know about. So, you ask them to tell you. You got to ask them for the tea !
Krysha: "Hey, you better Spill The Tea, gurrl."

Kaylee: "I already spilt the tea to Ayah though."
by Thiccy Nicky October 18, 2018
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The origins of this term does not come in the 1990’s. It’s from the time of Slavery in the south. The plantation owners would gather together and bring their slave mistresses. While the plantation owners would talk shop the “mistresses” would have tea and gossip.

Example: See ‘12 Years A Slave’/ Mistresses Shaw
Sally looked forward to the afternoons Tom Jefferson took her to spill the tea with other slave women.
by Honey Fly the 11th November 1, 2019
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A word teenage girls use to tell each other gossip. It can be anything from a guy to talking bad about someone to even what they did yesterday. Also confuses parents
Abigail: Did you see what Connor did yesterday
Hailey: omg no spill the tea
Abigail: he was talking about you
Hailey:omg Connor is so hot 🤤
by Roidboi17 May 2, 2019
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Spill the tea tell me more
by Jessicadallas May 16, 2019
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When you or your friend has hot drama that needs to be told.
sis you won’t belie what just happened..”
ooo spill the tea sis”
by giyb May 15, 2018
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An expression used when someone has gossip on another person and they want them to tell them.
Person 1 - "Did you hear what Britany said to Tom?"
Person 2 - "oooooooo spill the tea sis"
by lilhori June 23, 2018
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