Partaking in gossip. This term is usually used by your stereotypical gay kid, boy or girl. See don't let anyone step in the tea.
I saw how you acted towards Ryan today, start spilling the tea, honey.
by Euphronios May 4, 2018
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“i saw marcus hanging out with trayce yesterday!” “ohhhh spill the tea, sis.”
by mcnuggetdestroyer September 2, 2019
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Despite what the white girls who-only-watch-Ru-Paul's-Drag-Race say, spilling the tea DOES NOT infact mean gossip.

The word Tea refers to the letter T, the first letter in the word Truth. The act of Spilling the Tea could be aboit gossip but it's always supposed to be the Truth.
Proper Use of the Phrase:

- Ughh I hate my job
- Spill the Tea!
- My boss is horrible, he steals food out of the kitchen fridge all the time and never admits to it.

Incorrect (Mainstream) Use of the Phrase:
- OMG did you hear about the new girl
- Spill the Tea sis skhsksksk 🤪
- Apparently she fucks all of her professors to pass
- OMG what a skank!
by AEagle18 July 25, 2019
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