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A spikey Is referred to an individual typically in their teens who prefer that type of hair style. Although a spikey hair motherfucker is not just limited to the hairstyle itself but more importantly the attitude that comes with it. A spikey would typically hang around spots such as mini-marts and 7-11's smoking a few blunts while eating chips and drinking beer. They brag to other people about how they're big time hustlers just because they haven't paid back the five dollars that was borrowed from a friend. In most cases experiencing "spikey stages" is normal but should definitely come to a hault upon graduating high school. Unfortunately, most people never snap out of spikey stages and are referred to as spikey hair mothafuckas.
Spikey #1: "Yo bro lemme getta five for this blunt."

Spikey #2: "na yo chill out, last time I paid for your Chinese and that shit was $5.75. Its not about the money, I'm just saving up for my brand new Beemer that I'm about to cop."

Spikey #1: "damn yo that shit was like 2 days before my birthday and on your birthday I got you an $8 cheeseburger at that restaurant...yo bro just throw in a five this time and I'll forget about the difference."

Spikey #2: "fuck it yo, I really gotta burn. Here's the $5 and make sure you buy some good shit."

Later spikey #1 approaches his crew and says "yo I hustled the shit outta this kid today, yo that herb paid for my Chinese food and he threw me $5 to smoke. I'ma hustla, I be gettin money yo. Ain't nobody on ma level fuck all the haters!"

Person #3: you're a "spikey hair mothafucka" get off the spikey streets!
by RickCross December 02, 2011
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