1. A friend or fellow who resembles the dinosaur from Land Before Time.

2. A retard.

3. Fucking badass.
"Why is your friend eating grass?"
"Oh that's Spike. S/he's special... Very, very, special..."
by goosetav July 06, 2012
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in volleyball, a spike is what you see when 1 member of a team pounds the shit out of the ball into the opposing, team's side of the court. May or may not result in a point.
it will result in a point if a pussy on the other team goes out of the way instead of digging it.
by Adrian December 16, 2004
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1. (noun) a strange nickname given to someone, mainly a boy, that makes no sense whatsoever.

2. (noun) A boy. Majorly smart. Amazing looks. Has a smile to die for. Can run WAY faster than you. A total man-whore, but still so hot. Perfect. Get it?
Person 1: Who names their child Spike?
Person 2: It's just a nickname, smart one.

Girl 1: Damn, Spike is sexy.
Girl 2: Back off, slut.
by JordyXP March 29, 2009
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1. to add alcohol or any intoxicating to a drink that does not have any when first purchased.

2.to rise to a high level quickly

3. to strike a volleyball upward so that it is more likely to hit the ground
Someone tried to spike the smoothie mix.
by The Return of Light Joker October 29, 2008
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a vampire that likes to drink and hurt Angel. He was on the series Buffy, then later moved to Angel (The greatest show ever)which was recently cancaled...did I mention he likes to drink.
the Angel says...SPIKE!!!
the Spike says...OH, bloody hell!
by um...Me June 07, 2004
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