The act of being dressed up in a suit and tie, for an occasion or for no reason at all.
Matt: I feel like getting spiffed up and going to a nice club tonight. These dive bars are getting old.
Jack: Calm down
by Random user May 3, 2017
1. To be spiffy or to obtain a lot of spiff
2. To be flashy, fly, and fresh
3. To be well dressed, and well swagged out
Travis Porter has a song defining spiffed up
- I'm clean, I'm spiffy, It's amazing ain't my spiff terrrific..
- I keep my pants creased, I keep my jeans tucked, i let my pants sag kuz i dont give a f*ck...polo shirt, check my polo bag, fresh hair cut come and take a photo man

Bob-man i hope john dresses good for the club, im trying to take some girls home
Mike-Yea but i hope he doesn't get too spiffed up, he'll make us look bad

- Bruh you see that dude over there all spiffed up, man i bet he got hella guap and pull hella hoes
- Hell yea man he's spiffed out ridiculous
by young mr. differenter May 7, 2010
When a man is dressed up in a full suit and tie, again for a reason or on a whim to look hot.
Matt found out the girl he likes is interested in classier men, so he got spiffed up every day to impress her. Even though it was uncomfortable for him, she found his level of spiff pretty hot.
by Knotted up May 19, 2020