A little hood, listens to rap music, is cultured and isnt afraid to try ethnic girls. The exact opposite of basic white boy Chad.
“How was the date with that white boy?”

“It was great, he’s a spicy white boy, not your average.”
by Jasminewest October 22, 2020
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A type of white boy that originates from an European, middle eastern or Asian country; also known as a white boy with culture.
by user10024 January 21, 2021
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a white man who is either down to get down with black women or dresses in a way that is ultra hipster without being a soft boy or an e-boy
Due to evidence of Chris Evans flirting with man black women, and even getting some numbers Chris is a spicy white boy.

Shia Labeouf, by his fashion sense alone in this situation, is a spicy white boy.
by sixela_spasllim July 28, 2020
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Most people who are a spicy white boy won’t admit it. They are White boys with a little bit of S P I C E. A little bit of sass if you will. They usually have a great sense of style and on rare occasions will talk in the third person. Spicy White Boys use
the word “slay” from time to time. Fun fact: they are also speed walkers.
Wow he has such a good sense of style and he’s a fast walker! He must be a Spicy White Boy!
by JupitersStar May 28, 2022
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Typically people named Jordan are a spicy white boy. They are also mostly in denial. Spicy white boy originate from little gays with a sense of style. They tend to have a very dark sense of humor and I’m some rare cases…Talk in third person. They are nothing but a white person but better.
by LittleLemonBoy May 28, 2022
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