A male tucks his sack back, or gives a girl the goat if you will, and the girl sucks his dick from behind and sticks her nose in his ass hole. After the insertion of the the nose to the ass hole, she then blows her nose as if she were blowing it into a kleenex.
Only used if you are super kinky and like to party. Hey babe give me the Spicy Nacho, I'm feeling kinda frisky tonight.
When a male make nacho dip inside a females vagina then diping chips and eating them
an example of The spicy nacho is the chili cheese nachos
by cjm1893 August 10, 2011
"how was she last night?"

"she spicy nacho"

by biggestbootyhoe March 12, 2016
Give it a moment. In a few years, people will be saying "spicy nacho" instead of "lit". Just you wait.
by thebestlettuce November 25, 2018
Cum in a chicks ass, then you stick it in her pussy, then into her mouth.
That chick was a freak. She let me give her a Spicy Wet Nacho!
by SiknessTheory October 17, 2020