The sadness induced masturbation caused by Law Enforcement's refusal to come to your aide after you report that your Lasagna is haunted by ghosts
The police told me: STOP CALLING! But I told them... I told th-Snort, my lasagnia eaten bai ghost! crying, I get sad, and do a Spicy Jerk! - Vargskelethor: Super Ghostbusters (Full Album), Track 5: Ghastbisten
by Egg-Z December 15, 2018
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A Northern Swedish tradition, Which involves rubbing Spicy Swedish Herbs onto your genitalia, causing great burning pain, You than proceed to put Lemon Juice into the head with a Catheter, burning the inside of the penis.
Joel was disappointed with how The Law handled his Lasagna being haunted by ghosts, so he decided to partake in a Spicy Jerk.

Man 1: "Christ, I got so sad after losing that basketball game, I decided to do a spicy jerk."
Man 2: "TMI man, Keep that shit to yourself."
by Kreeper473 January 02, 2019
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A form of spite filled masturbation used to calm a person down, especially after failed coitus or when ones lasagna is eaten by a ghost
She didn't perform well and came within the minute, so I did a spicy jerk to calm myself down.
by Weegeeman August 24, 2020
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