A Spicy Italian Sausage is when you try to get freaky with a girl so she offers a footjob, then proceeds to Indian Burn your dick with her feet.
Person A: "Dude why do you have a limp, did you get freaky last night? Haha"
Person B: "She offered a FJ and gave me Indian Burn in the process"
Person A: "hahaha dude, she gave you a Spicy Italian Sausage? That's what you get for trying to spice up your sex life"
by GlitterCupcakke420 September 28, 2019
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A whopper of a cock derived from the Italaian " Spicy Italian-a Man Sausage-a"
Holy crap look at his spicy italian man sausage! I thought it was a third leg with an absence of foot, shoe, and pantleg!
by Bradley Anderson April 18, 2005
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A large penis. A term typically used by men of Italian descent to describe the size of their penises.
Guy: Hey man, you want some of my spicy Italian sausage?

Cicero: Oh yes!!!
by Alex Fonz June 10, 2020
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