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An extremely painful stinging sensation when having your bowels released. This sort of pain usually last from 3-4 days
"Aw, man my ass is killing from my spicy diarrhea last night. It was probably from that burrito I had."
by b-man16 November 21, 2008
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An unpleasant type of bowel ejection in which has a disastrous or possibly tragic aftermath. If survived through this event a human may feel an anal burning and/or stinging sensation for up to 2 to 3 months.
1.James- "Aw man my ass is killing me from that Spicy Diarrhea I had last month. It was probably the Mexican food I had that night"
2. News Reporter-"In other news, a man was tragically killed last month. Analysts say his death was caused from a rare bowel ejection known as Spicy Diarrhea."
by Douche McGivens March 07, 2009
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