masturbation using only one's pinky finger and a dollop of hot sauce.
Walking a little funny today due to my spicy chicken finger sessions, last evening.
by mr. pickles February 9, 2015
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something that wendy's does not have
spicy chicken nuggets? oh yeah wendy's discontinued them FUCK YOU WENDY.
by bitch i'm wendy March 15, 2017
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You have your hand touch some kind of spicy food or substance, than touch your dick. Once your dick is heated, fuck a girl from the back to make a spicy chicken sandwich
“ Yo chad what did you and sydney do last night “

“ I made a spicy chicken sandwich
by Dylly Davquan September 25, 2019
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That act of putting an Arby's spicy chicken sandwich in your girls ass, then eating it.
"I did the Spicy Chicken Mix on my girl last night, but she pushed too hard. That's why I have pink eye."
by Bweanis May 16, 2020
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Heaven in mexican fast food form. 4.99 at your local taco bell.

Man, that Spicy chicken crunch wrap was an explosision of heavenly thoughts in my mouth.
by mexicanfoodloverme. March 16, 2009
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Some one who aroused the Stanley cup and put a bet in the pot for 50 grand and got a blue Lamborghini and weighing it with the gaterade to see witch one make bob marley king of Indonesia
Man 2“Man Spicy chicken dicken spidingus make hot”

Man 1“I know right
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What your baby girl Caleb Sturdivant buys everyday 24/7
You: Yo caleb what you getting from the stu

Caleb: I'm gonna get that Spicy Chicken Sandwich
by Gimmie Gimmie January 8, 2018
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