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When two people lose their friends because they are dating and won't bother to make time to see their friends anymore. Many times, one or both people change their personalities drastically, making their friends not want to be around them anymore anyway. This couple is made up of two losers, and they generally only hang out together and with no one else. Much like Spencer and Heidi from "The Hills"
Girl 1: Have you talked to Jessica lately?
Girl 2: No, it's been weeks and she keeps saying she's too busy and won't make any effort to set up any plans. All she does is hang out with her boyfriend, Sean.
Girl 1: Sounds like she has Speidi disease! What about Sean, does he ever see his friends anymore?
Girl 2: I don't think he has any friends anymore...
by Janeska Jae June 02, 2010
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