When Ed sheeran acts as an idiot in special needs.
Also when Ed sheeran goes BYRD watching.
Sped sheeran is not able to be as of smartness.
by Ploikbdghfffud April 20, 2022
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Sped Willkie is a school with Fights, more fights, and drugs! the population is made up of, Thots, Lesbians, Speds, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, White betas, Drug Dealers, and kids giving head in the bathroom stalls. there is around 1-4 fights every week. Don't worry about being dress-coded, where to busy with other things like not paying attention to our failing Education system! there is around 400 6th graders all of which emos, sluts, or Speds!
Some guy: This bitch so retarded she must have gone to Sped Willkie!
by pls_stop_Becky May 30, 2019
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Famous American rapper who quickly gained attention from his hit single introverted flow on tiptoe. He goes by the name sped.young on tiktok.
by gay man is cool 10189 January 14, 2022
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a sped that will outsmart you in every way
"is that a speedy sped?"
by Nigherferb March 5, 2022
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A particular Sped a very slow sped a complete retard named Zavien “Sped” Hart Aka mr Charlie made me cry Aka blackie Aka Nigga Sped
Wow Zavien is beyond sped
by Zavien the speds friend October 28, 2021
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He is a tall and white. But he is also a Sped who kill kids and touches them in his house. He is 17 years old and can't do anything and he also uses a X-Box
Eric but a sped has my son in his house. LOL
by Bruhman5 January 30, 2020
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