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A term used to refer to someone with either an intellectual disability or, in a broader context, any condition that may pose problems in an educational setting, which can include non-behavioural or learning disorders, e.g., diabetes.
A statement of special needs absolutely does not imply retardation.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
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1)A great band

2)A great song

3)A not so great mental disorder
1) I saw Special Needs perform last night.

2) I bought the song Special Needs for my iPod. Very good.

3) I have special needs. Eh.
by aFriendWithWeedIsBetter May 16, 2009
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The nice way of telling someone they're a hardcore-feminist
Ashton: "Look at that special-needs dude over there!"
Matt: "...they're not special needs"
Ashton: "I mean a feminist, dude."
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by MemesNotMorons February 09, 2017
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The greatest band ever to grace the streets of London
I love special needs.
by MissEve February 19, 2005
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Describes a person requiring very particular foods (usually expensive, frequently for cosmetic, vain, or self-righteous reasons).

Used to reframe the target as disadvantaged, instead of elite or health-conscious.
Ex 1
Jeffrey: Sorry, bro, that has HFCS in it.
Brian: What do you mean? It's fine in moderation..
Jeffrey: Do I look moderate to you? Bitch please, I'm special needs.

Ex 2
Edward: You're sleeping with her now? Heh, just be sure to have on hand some soy milk, muesli, and morningstar veggie bacon. Caron is special needs.
by spag_ May 31, 2009
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