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A Special Trumpflake, is a Special Snowflake, who is a hardcore Trump Supporter or Republican who leaves comments on social media outlets, as well as YouTube and news websites concerning a political bias, whether it exists or not. Whenever they are proven wrong or made look stupid, they use personal attacks to keep their ego alive. Special Trumpflakes usually huddle around Breitbart and Fox News, but sometimes get lost and find themselves on CNN and other 'biased' media outlets. Special Trumpflakes and Democrats do not get along well.
Jane: Kathy... CNN just fact checked the woman's claims, Obama did not encourage illegal immigrants to vote, California did not legalize voter fraud, and Michelle Obama is not a man.
Kathy: CNN is so biased it's not even funny! I HEARD Obama tell illegal Mexicans to vote for Hillary I read it on Facebook and I also saw Michelle's bulge online! GOOGLE IT.
Jane: Kathy, you're such a Special Trumpflake... These are facts, not bias, there's a difference you know.
*Triggered Kathy proceeds to have Cardiac Arrest*
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by ffap9 December 04, 2016
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