A product created specifically for a customer or client who cannot or will not conform their requirements or needs to the general specifications of the product's capabilities causing said vendor to customize uniqueness to an established product thereby creating more work, time, energy, and effort to be expended on the vendor's employees' part; often for features that will not be utilized or have only minimal benefit to the requester.
Widget-Makers, Inc. would like the product to come in a cornflower blue icon. So we'll have to develop the whole thing again. So this version will be, yet again, another Special Snowflake.
by Bazooka-Joe March 23, 2011
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a Hillary supporter; someone so naive to the issues that they can't comprehend why she lost the election. People that supported Hillary because she made them feel special and unique and valued.
It is ridiculous that these special snowflakes can't fathom why Trump won the election.
by I voted for Trump November 13, 2016
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people who think they're special in a way while there are other people who has the same situation as them
Wow... the poor people who are interviewed think they are some unique or as I call special snowflake while there are other fucking people who is the same as his
by YuunaChan July 09, 2016
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A mentally challenged liberal. A special snowflake is typically not capable of partaking in political discourse, but many retain their rights to do so.
Yeah, xe is a special snowflake. Feel bad for xem, but God made xer that way.
by YevgenyDragunov May 28, 2018
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A special snowflake is someone who thinks they're entitled to special treatment because of their feels rather than suffer any logical accountability. A clear indication of said feels and lack of accountability is when a special snowflake experiences the first of the 7 stages of grief over their diagnosis with Special Snowflake Syndrome. The wounded creature can then be seen angrily typing on Urban dictionary to define the term itself into literally Hitler using Illuminati confirmed level leaps of logic, no doubt munching on Doritos as well.
Shakespeare named Special Snowflake: I'm dumb? That's something only Hitler would say. nom nom
Reader: is your name compensating for something?
Shakespeare named Special Snowflake: Wait! Let me tell you about these triangular chips!
by Toilet896 March 09, 2017
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Butthurt; "you're making me feel some type of way" being one of many favorite turn of phrases, Typical office bound, business suit wearing, lie to your face with a smile on theirs, while fleecing the trusting public, closeted cocaine addicts that think they are somehow above others that go to the gym and hit a treadmill for twenty minutes then take thirty minute showers because they broke a half-assed sweat that have never done anything that would involve actually getting dirt under their fingernails or calluses on their hands, and strive to have to work less for more money, especially if they can jew someone over in the process that think they live in the 1980's wallstreet era rather than the paradise that these parasites destroy for others, while robbing anyone of contentment if they can possibly find some way to justify being butthurt as though they have done no wrong in the process of becoming butthurt.
Jesus goddam christ, moron.. ..You think you're some kind of special snowflake, don't you.
by Cthulhu Rex October 05, 2018
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Somebody who is fragile minded pissed of easily and takes offence to the littlest thing
Person 1:*sends a dark hummerd joke e. G rape,death ,assault
Snow flake: takes offence and complains
Person1: don't be a special snowflake
by Jessica 1225 December 20, 2018
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