Some autistic people have a very strong and passionate interest in something that can last for several years, known as a Special Interest or SPIN for short.
His presentation to the class was about his special interest, paleontology.
by kinstagramspy September 10, 2021
A "special interest" is one I do not share. One I do share is "the public good".
Labor is a special interest; breaks for manufacturers like me are the public good. We create wealth - at least for ourselves.
by Leslie Doppler July 22, 2008
Oftentimes people with autism or ADHD have special interests, which are things that they can get sort of obsessed with.
Vee: *is wearing a shirt that says ‘ask me about my special interests’*
Someone: hey what are your special interests?

Vee: oh! one of mine is crystals! do you wanna hear some stuff about them?

someone: sure!
Vee: okay! *talks about everything they know about crystals for 1-2 hours*
by enderfrog January 10, 2022
A special interest group is a large caucus of really excited people. They are always trying to get everybody all worked up over some specific issue. Sometimes they vote for candidates that they all like at the same time.
The special interest group meeting turned into a riot. Then the cops showed up.
by MultiFest October 5, 2017