1. Friends with benefits
2. Friends whom consider each other to be special in a non-mentally deficient way; close friends
Let us become special friends forever!
by Unknown July 13, 2004
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The best friend of any girlfriend/wife...or any girl for that matter. The one friend who, without question, is always excited to see their girl. The special friend stands straight up, waiting to greet her, and share in her embrace.
Bill: Hey, I'm so glad you came to see me!

Susan: I didn't come to see you. I came to see my special friend. *unzips Bill's pants*
by Billandsusan February 12, 2011
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Someone you let go over to your house to watch x-files with. And you also invite you special best friend.
Krystin: can I come over to watch x-files?
Tyler: yes because your my special friend
Luke: I'm coming too because I'm Tyler's special best friend
by That guy jizzed himself October 26, 2014
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