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-A piece of apparel, usually worn by pop stars, such as Shakira, that makes the vaginal area stand out more so than the rest of the clothing.

-When someone is clad in a one-piece, but for some reason, the genital area of their body is most noticeable.
Joe: "The body's craving, to feed the hungry!"
Mike: "What you singin', man?"
Joe: Just a Shakira song, nothin' wrong with 'dat, yo."
Mike: "Damn, that Shakira...whattya do with a lass like that?"
Joe: "Dunno, maybe look at her sparkling vagina all day?"
Mike: "Damn, that sparkling vagina...whattya do with a sight like THAT???"
Joe: "You masturbate to it."
by LetItBeatle November 27, 2013
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