A Spanish girl usually has a lot of rhythm on the dance floor, a beautiful face, and a nice body. Boys, if you have yourself a Spanish girl, you better hold on to her.
me:hey did you see how that spanish girl was dancing?
friend:yeah. she was hot.
by udntevenno August 13, 2011
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matters on the country and origin.

tons around the globe all are pretty in their own way.

a normal human being like anyone else, average like any other race.

Some have attitude but its just how they were raced, everyone has a past.

Don't be fooled by some with just make-up. (rare)

Most have natural long eyelashes but can get cocky about these thing T_T

some considered ugly some pretty. preference.

some are full of themselves some are modest, some sadly lost their modesty.
beautiful in own way.
dang check out the spanish girls

oh they are cool spanish girls

ew spanish girls

I love spanish girls! ( and every other race)
by neto95 November 25, 2011
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just like white girl wednesday but this for spanish bitches 😈
hey did u remember it’s spanish girl saturday?
by cloutlis October 16, 2019
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voluptous,curvaceous dripping sexuality while performing mundane tasks. exotic hot chick that are just too fine to know what to do with themselves.(just watch Telemundo news and see for yourself!)
by oscar green March 11, 2008
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