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Space Brownies are normal brownies, amde just like any other brownies, made homemade or out of a box from wegmans or some shit, but with marijuana added. This ingredianet is crucial, and without it the browies arent shit else but regular brownies. The amount of marijuana added usually depends of the baker/consumers wishes, and can vary from enough to get high and still be sociable, to enough to keep you high through a twenty four hour day. One should be very cautious when adding the marijuana, beacuse if not enough is added, you may not get as high as you expected to, and if you add too much, you might not have a productive day at school/work/etc.
Chris:Yo im brinigin me some space brownies to school ma niggas! Who gon put in on the weed?
Eliot:Forreal?! Yo i'll go half if u go half!
Chris: Word homie! lets get fucked up!!
by s0n0fth3m0rn1ng April 03, 2009
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