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A Soy Boy is what a rich, teenage boy is called. They flirt with girls and many girls have crushes on them, but Soy Boys usually have girlfriends but they keep they're flirting casual.

How do you spot a Soy Boy? Do you have that one boy in your class that stands out? Does he wear clothes that have come from Abercromie and Fitch? Does he usually hang out with other popular girls and occasionally girls who aren't so popular? Does he flirt with them even though he has a girlfriend? Well sorry girls, he's a Soy Boy.
Lindsay: "Hey, David's kinda cute! I think he was flirting with me earlier."
Monica: "Lindsay, David is a huge Soy Boy! Even if he talks to you, don't fall for him. He's already dating someone anyway."
by phoebe glitz June 20, 2015
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A very skinny effeminate man. The type of guy who would be a bottom even if he were straight.
Hey Josh I would like to purchase one red whippin shittys mobile for 1.5 soy boi's, Take it or leave it bitch.
by lippy282 August 4, 2018
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What a boy learning Spanish says trying to describe himself when he doesn't know the Spanish word for "boy".
Spanish teacher: "Can you say 'I am a boy' in Spanish?"
Boy: "Okay. ¡Hola! Soy boy."
Spanish teacher: "Actually, 'boy' in Spanish is 'chico'. And you should also add 'un' before."
Boy: "Okay. ¡Hola! Soy un chico."
Spanish teacher: "Much better"
by udusers1 February 7, 2019
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A genderqueer or a feminist lesbian who is a militant vegan/vegetarian.
Sadie's such a soy boi that she eats leg wax.
by smccarney February 16, 2008
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The person writing any definition for this word which contains the words "alt-right", "Nazi", "conservative", "fascist", and devotes every day of their miserable lives to postmodernism. They can be commonly found on the slang-dictionary site,, karma bombing any post that their fragile boypussy can't handle. Commonly connotated as "cucks", although such a comparison isn't always accurate, as many soy boys are actually SIMPs, who follow the charade of third-wave feminism just for a chance for a smidgen of pussy.
John: Hey, Frank, did you see that submitted definition for soy boy?
Frank: No, they must have karma-bombed it to page 69.
John: So much for fragile masculinity.
by heeI February 23, 2020
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A boy that is entirely comprised of soy in some form- whether they're made of soybeans, soy sauce, soy milk, etc.
Doesn't matter what variety of soy they are as long as they are made of nothing but a soy product.
That absolute soy boy, Jim, is just a walking puddle of soy sauce- don't know how he's even alive, honestly.
by VanillaNilla August 10, 2019
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You know the way annoying American liberals call people Nazis?

Soy boy is the American conservative version of that
"Stop having different opinions to me you soy boy beta cuck!!!!" ("postmodern neo noonist tychocratic proto space marxist" if they are a Jordan peterson fan)
by Donna tramp January 14, 2021
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