A man that's got left wing political views, worships Obama, and is also typically vegan.
Walter is such a soy boy, he supports gun restrictions and safe spaces.
by VictoryOrDeath December 11, 2017
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An insult used to label a male as effeminate. Those who use this term unironically are usually just wannabe alphas who want to prove how masculine they are at the expense of those who disagree with them.
"Alpha" Bro: Hitler was a good man
Male Person: I do not agree.
"Alpha" Bro: Shut up Soy Boy!!
by thelegendofsql October 22, 2018
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A term used to describe a male who lacks all or any dominant masculine traits. Typically one who embraces his weakness to a level where they support the total breakdown of all things traditional as they can't compete and win in any typical survival of the fittest scenario or win any competition against a man with traditional "typical" masculine traits. They make up for their lack of testicular fortitude and physical prowess with passive aggressive strategies such as contributing to social justice and white knighting and becoming bff's with women for the sole purpose of "hoping" they will recognize them one day. Sad and very deceitful if you ask me. They typically oppose things that are seen as "manly". A large part of the reasoning behind the term "soy boy" relates how most males who lack masculinity also have an affinity for things that don't coincide with stereotypical traits of the male sex such as eating meat for example but rather consuming "soy" products.

Another term for soy boy- Shane. Anyone named Shane, especially with a last name starting with A. Is also a product of corrupted chromosomes.
Guy minding his own business- "Yeah he's black."
Random soy boy overhearing from somewhere- "Excuse me, you shouldn't use the term black. It's offensive."
Guy- "Black is his skin color. He is American. Not African...or African American. He is black and a fellow American. Who even are you? Is this what you consider a public service??? GTFO of here you sjw pos."
Soy boy- "RAAACCISSSTT! FASCIST!" *Proceeds to spit at you and then run out of the coffee shop.*

Guy's friend- "What a f^&*ing soy boy."
by Buffal July 09, 2018
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A term used by insecure men who think you're not a true male unless you're beating your wife into submission or catcalling underage girls on the street. Likely, these specimen are frustrated by being incels (involuntary celibates) or for generally having less sex than the Soy Boys, so they lash out by insulting them with food names.
Typical incel: Have you seen that Soy Boy? He actually respects women, what a pussy!
Normal Person: No wonder women don't want to have sex with you.
by ellipsisms January 18, 2019
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A word that make me loose faith in humanity when I look the other definitions on Urban Dictionary.
Soy Boy is a stupid-ass concept. I really loose confidence in all of Homo sapiens when I see that a man should "be muscular, fight, know how to repair a car, not be feminist".
by Tardigrade-senpai March 13, 2018
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A soy boy is a boy who is made out of soy
A boy who is soy is often ridiculed for his man tits but doesn't care because he knows deep inside of his heart that his man tits and soy food neck are beautiful.

Soy boys are always going to be there for you, for that is part of the soy boy code of honor or the soy commandments.
Show your soy boy some love
Guy 1: Bro I ate so much soy foods, I might be a soy boy now... I also grew soy packages...
Guy 2: Don't worry bro.
Guy 2: Bro chill, it's all good.
by soyboymaster October 30, 2019
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A Soy Boy is a guy that will do anything for a female for free. If you give a girl that you aren’t dating a free ride you are classified as a Soy Boy. This includes letting them mooch off your Juul or Sourin.
Me: Dude Zach you such a Soy Boy
Zach: Bro, I picked up Cora for school that’s not fair!
by RacerX248 September 09, 2019
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