a cross between a "simp" and a "nice guy". Rare in real life, but abundant on the internet. Usually claim to be politically correct, eco friendly and so on but only because it makes others perceive them in some type of way. a Soy Boy tends to base his values and morals off of what the majority opinion is to avoid backlash and appear to be a "nice guy". the ways in which soy boys are simps is that their morals and values are changed to appeal to the opposite gender. the special thing about soy boys is that most of them are not self aware in what they're doing and genuinley and don't see how they're manipulating people's perception of them.
person 1: "What's your opinion on kim K and Pete Davidson?"

person 2: "well i was originally team kanye until brittany told me he's being sexist."

person 1: "so you changed your opinion because a girl you like doesn't agree with you? You're such a soy boy!"
by D4z1b013000 May 18, 2022
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Like snowflake, liberal left, etc. Used by low IQ order-following cowards who will do literally anything for a paycheck (i.e. military, primarily US military) to try to insult male humans they may deem inferior. This is always a cover for their own inadequacies generally stemming from lack of consensual heterosexual intercourse, higher education and its associated evolved thinking of modern humans.
Herp, derp 'you're just a soy boy!' drools, drags knuckles on ground Bleach works against covid, which is really just a lizard Satan DNA conspiracy by the snowflake liberal left herp derp! Let's go attack civilians and try to usurp our nation's government herp derp so we can take back our country like Jesus intended herp derp!
by MethodRawTTV April 27, 2022
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