noun - a sperm and sugar mixture produced in the testicles.
Damn Stacy, I'm jonesing for some boy soy.
by Kyle D Time November 15, 2007
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This connotation first originated among Cadbury, Tofu and Edamame fanatics around North America due to the vast majority of them being soft little bitches who can't handle even the slightest amount of pressure... Due to the delicate feelings of these special breed of estrogen filled delta males they will get "triggered" by almost anything, making them the perfect target for spicy memes and insensitive jokes.
Josh from house of cars is a 'Soy Boy'
by Huziy Boy Fresh September 28, 2021
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a soy boy is not only menn, but also females. it usually is someone who don't work out, (they might work out a bit but not a lot) they also are really soft and can't take any bullshit. a soy boy is someone who usually start to cry from anything. a soy boy usually is just an annoyance for the peopel they are living with
someone : plays during class
soy boy : whææ you can't do that, ill tell the teacher

someone : you are acting like a bitch
soy boy : you can't swear, ill tell the teacher (can be parents or a boss, just the ones holding athorety (not the law))
by nto_lukas June 01, 2021
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A guy eating soy yoghurt at 4AM. While playing minecraft to impress a guy he fancies.

Also suffers crippling depression.
You know Tim? He is such a Soy Boy”
by Konegido January 29, 2019
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A Soy Boy is someone who has a man bun/massive forehead, donates to girls, and plays halo 3 everyday
by Soyyboyy September 17, 2021
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Somone who drinks a lot of soy milk and is a fat pussy or straight up retard
by kitty caz August 09, 2019
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A degenerative low-testosterone individual, of which causes annoyance or even harm to others due to their preferences and/or their disprefrence. Is usually identified by their obsession of soy milk.
Anybody who cries at a movie trailer is most obviously, a soy boy.
by CommieAlek April 29, 2021
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