A very skinny effeminate man. The type of guy who would be a bottom even if he were straight.
Hey Josh I would like to purchase one red whippin shittys mobile for 1.5 soy boi's, Take it or leave it bitch.
by lippy282 August 4, 2018
An effeminate male who’s feelings get hurt far to often, usually resulting in some kinda of pitiful retort or changing of the subject.
Brenden Schaub sure it a Soy Boy.
by Yongbaonii October 17, 2021
Lacking any masculine features and probably has a mom hair cut.
by WailedGoblin054 April 8, 2021
A guy eating soy yoghurt at 4AM. While playing minecraft to impress a guy he fancies.

Also suffers crippling depression.
You know Tim? He is such a Soy Boy”
by Konegido January 30, 2019
What a boy learning Spanish says trying to describe himself when he doesn't know the Spanish word for "boy".
Spanish teacher: "Can you say 'I am a boy' in Spanish?"
Boy: "Okay. ¡Hola! Soy boy."
Spanish teacher: "Actually, 'boy' in Spanish is 'chico'. And you should also add 'un' before."
Boy: "Okay. ¡Hola! Soy un chico."
Spanish teacher: "Much better"
by udusers1 February 7, 2019
Soy boy is a person who complains about the term soy boy. They tend to act like a pussy and use twitter more than any other social media. They typically have no friends other than the other soy boys on their furry forum.
Soy boy: Dont call my a soy boy please
Other person: Okay Soy boy its a joke
by JZ.GH12 March 23, 2020