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Southridge Mall is located on the South Side of Des Moines Iowa. It is the dirtiest, sketchiest mall in all of Des Moines. When driving up to the mall you will quickly notice that the car to parking lot ratio is about 1/10000. The parking lot is unnecessarily way too big for the whole 6 customers that shop here annually. This is ironic because malls such as Jordan Creek located in West Des Moines never has enough parking spots available. When entering you might get the vibe that you quickly want to leave when glaring down the vacant hallways of this mall. There might be a total of 3 stores open in this mall at any given point in time. Most of the time you will just walk by a place that used to be a store that is blocked off because they had to close down. Stores usually last I'd say about 11 days before they have to close down because they get no business. However if you do continue to walk around this mall you will guaranteed spot the "mullet lady" security guard. I think she lives at this mall. She walks around aimlessly and breaks up groups of Lincoln High School students larger than 3. Also there is a merry go round located by the food court. Groups of Lincoln High School students will ride this thinking they are cool. You may love, hate or be indifferent towards Southridge Mall. Whatever your opinion it is clear that God himself created this wonder mall and sent it from the heavens.
Laquisha: Ayyo Wanna go to Southridge Mall ?
JaTayvon: N*gga you crazy!? Aint no stores there everythang vacant!
Laquisha: You right N*gga! Lets go to Jordan Creek!
JaTayvon: I'm down with the b*tches and the hos.
by DowlingMarons March 18, 2011
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