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A crappy school located in Southington, Connecticut known for its football team (under the leadership of Coach Mella, currently under investigation for using school funds) and drug problems (especially pot and alcohol). Due to this, all the bathrooms smell of marijuana and makes the surrounding rooms stink up. Not much teaching is actually taught there, as most of the teachers have given up on the dumbass students or just don't feel like it. Yet somhow everyone passes. Fire alarms randomly going off, lockdowns, and heating problems are no surprise, especially in the winter when it can be brutally cold and snowy outside. It takes in all the kids from Hartford becuase surprisingly, their schools apparently suck as much as ours.
Southington High School sucks so much, I had to be the first to define it.

J: Where do you go? I'm from Manchester.
S: I'm forced to go to SHS. It sucks balls.
J: Ooh, bummer.
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