Southeast Asian is what Laos, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Hmong claim as their race with pride. What separates these races from East Asians and other Southeast Asians is that they have lower incomes in America and they left their war torn countries for a new life elsewhere. They've been through a lot of struggle and set out for a new life in Western Countries. They're Parents gave up their old lives for the kids to have better ones. The kids of the First generation that came to America and went to school and experienced a lot of Racism, prejudice, and were assaulted. Since they were from low income families a lot of them turned to the gang life. The Horrors they've witnessed from their homelands of War torn Southeast Asia made these kids hard, tough, violent, and they knew how to fight a war. So gang wars between Southeast Asian Gangs and other gangs started up Such as the one in Long Beach. As time progresses a lot leave the gang life even though a lot of youngsters join. But in this time period most of them live a good life with a good family.

Althought all these are categorized as Southeast Asians as well - The mainland section consists of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia (or to be more precise, Peninsular Malaysia). The maritime section consists of Brunei, East Timor,1 Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

They did not face the struggles that Cambodians laos vietnamese and hmongs have so to me they are not Southeast Asian
by San Diego Lover July 12, 2009
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A person or persons hailing from the country of India. Southeast Asian Tree Niggers (SATN for short) can easily be identified by thier reddish brown skin and horrible body odor. SATN's are often considered the worst smelling of all apes. These apes are also known for haggling all individuals invovled in a sale of merchandise. This has led to speculation that the Southeast Asian Tree Niggers are closely related to the followers of the Jewish faith. This correlation is infact untrue since SATN's do not share any physical traits with the common Jew.
A Southeast Asian Tree Nigger just argued over a coupon with me for thirty minutes.
by Chupasquanchmo October 11, 2016
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