One of the best shows on TV. First broadcasted in 1997. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show has 4 main characters. Stan Marsh, Kyle Brofloski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McKormick. They are four eight-year-old boys that live in South Park Colorado. Stan, is often considered the main character. He is really a typical American boy and does things and is in situations that many people can relate to. Kyle is Stan's best friend and is the only Jewish boy in South Park. Eric (usually called Cartman) could also be considered the main character. He is the racist one of the group that has a weight problem and is possibly psychopathic. Kenny is the character that usually dies in every episode and is the poor one of the group. He wears a hooded coat, which prevents you from ever seeing his face. The show usually makes fun of controversial events, politics, famous people, fads, and everyday life. There are currently more than one-hundred episodes, and two movies.
Mike- Man South Park is so damn funny.

Nick- So true
by Your Biological Father August 14, 2009
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Once (and still is) an original, provocative, and hilarious show, somewhat like the earlier Simpsons; now threatened to fall on the brink of appeasement for younger audiences, causing possible deterioration just like its predecessor became.
"Officer Barbrady: Oh wait I thought of something! ....Oh, never mind that was substraction"

Ah, too bad good things don't last forever
by wtf March 18, 2005
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A clever show that pokes fun at society. The minute people see how crappy the animation is they dismiss it at crap but in reality it is a very smart show.
Curse your black heart Barbara Streisand!

................South Park is funny....................
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
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The best show on telivision. Always makes fun of current events and society. During the Terri Schivo case, a south park was made (the psp episode), and when mexican immigration was at an all time high, they made an episode for that (the goobacks). The funniest episode is about the 2004 election. It makes fun of the election and PETA. South Park has four main charecters called Kenny, Stan Marsh, Kyle Brofloski, and cartman. Has won numerous emmy's and always stays fresh by adding new charecters. New charecters added have been Token, Jimmy, and Timmy. Old charecters that have died off were Ms. Choksondick and Ms. crabtree. It was created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
Stupid hippie: South park makes fun of conservitists, PETA, and is a bad influence for children. IT should be taken off of the air!

Me: Screw you, hippie!
by bigshow8891 October 18, 2005
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South Park is an American comedy sitcom that points out and makes fun of the ignorance and stupidity in society.

The child characters are way too fucking adorable for anyone's eyes and the dialogue is hilarious.
If you like Family Guy, why?!?! Get your ass to Comedy Central and see what doesn't use random jokes and is actually realistic.

That is why it is funny, bitches. Respect its goddamn authority.
The scientology South Park episode may seem stupid, but it shows how ridiculous the 'religion' actually is.
by kmftw January 08, 2012
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a fucking funny cartoon. if you dont like south park then you are gay,not metrosexual, just gay
South Park narrator: The following presentation is brought to you in spooky vision and will be accompanied by pictures of Barbara Streisand
voice: agghhhh!!!
by fuyu no kaze May 08, 2005
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