South park is the nam,e of a show aired on Comedy Central but available in other parts of the world as well
the show takes its name from the cozy little town of South Park set in the mountains of Colorado
The Shows creators are Matt Stone and Trey parker who incidently live near the infamous Columbine high school which shot to fame due to the kiling of students in a school shootout
the town of Littleton is the basis of South park
The shows Central Characters are four boys in the fourth grade. a host of secondary characters are also featured. This show may be classified as satirical much in the same genre as the very popular T.V show The Simpsons
The shows theme is based on the hippocrisy that is prevalent in the world today
They also address issues regarding racism, Rednecks, The Canadians etc...
Also characteristic is the use of excessive "Swear" words by the cast
From the movie :Southpark; Bigger Longer Uncut
Mr.Garrison: Cartman, how would u like to see the school counsellor...??

Cartman: Mr.Garrison, how would u like to suck my balls...!!

Mr.Garrison: Wht did u just said...?

Cartman:o my fault (with a portable loudspeaker this time) How would u like to suck my balls, Mr. Garrison...?
by vijeth March 04, 2006
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a really great show to watch stoned.
its on practically everday on comedy central at like 930. its about four boys who usually find themselves in crazy situations, and dont really think its a huge deal. there are really random things in the show that are just soooo hilarious.

one of the best episodes i think is chinpokemon or weight gain 4000
cartman: but maaaam i wanjnakjfnskngsgjslkgjamlsfgl
mrs cartman: okay, dont pick ur nose hon

kyle: cartman u r such a fatass that when people walk down the street they say god damn thats a big fat ass
cartman: EHH
some guy: god damn thats a big fat ass
by deenie June 20, 2004
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the best show that is worth watching. it makes fun of the news and makes CNN look like shit. it is cool and kick ass.
man 1- u wanna watch south park
loser-they suck and they are gay
man 2- lets kick his ass
man 1-ok
man 1 and 2- (are kicking loser's ass)
by pikurnose May 10, 2005
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the funniest animated show ever created. airs on comedy central.
Kyle: Ahh! They killed Kenny!
Stan: Those Bastards!
by kill hannah February 18, 2005
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A hit series that orginally started off as a college project created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
South Park revolves around four eight year old children, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartmen, and Kenny McCormick. The boys go through a series of odd adventures in each episode, usually totally exaggerated and with a message in the ending. As of more recent seasons, the episodes have revolved more around politcal affairs than before, but still has an even balance of humor to keep it addictive. The crude style of the show used to be cardboard cutouts of the characters. Watching older episodes reveals a shadow behind every character and object, however in the newer episodes, there is none. South Park is currently done using Maya, a 3-d rendering program, with additional help from other programs as well. Although South Park may seem to have some questionable dialect, it is considered by many as one of the most clever and best cartoons to hit the western civilization.

PersonA: "Did you see the newest SOUTH PARK episode???
PersonB: "Is'nt that the one where Stan's dad drinks too much and think he is sick??"
PersonA: "Yeah!"
PersonB: "It talked about how those drinking rehab centers try to fuck you up! What they said was so true!"

-These are not my opinions, just an example.
by -KC December 21, 2005
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The greatest thing ever. Has had a kick ass tv show for 8 years and spawned a fantastic movie.
"I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth"-Butters.
South park is great.
by Adrian October 21, 2005
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The best cartoon series known to man. Also the most watched program on Comedy Central. Not for those whose ears burn when touched by the dirtiest of words.

It is aired Monday-Thursday at 9:30 PM, with an extra episode at 10 on Wednesdays.
Person 2- You're thirty years old and still watch that crap. Ever heard of "moving on with life"?
Person 2-Screw that, I'll be watching South Park.
Person 1-*throws cardboard kunai at Person 2 and misses*
Person 2- -_-
by AhmGoudAdSpellenk May 30, 2007
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