the best goddam show in the world keepin kids out in mastic rofl 4 hours
Nukka 1: that south park is da shit homie!
nukka 2: true dat n btw FUK ALL THEM BITCH ASS POLICE
by AngelXXXdust May 30, 2008
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Not only is it a popular cartoon on Comedy Central, it is also a common fighting place. This sacred place is located in Genoa, Nebraska and was started by local Twin River students.
Mrs. Cook invited her rival Mrs. Wilgocki down to South Park.

South Park after school! Two on two!
by Kimberly March 02, 2005
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South Park is an adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network that takes a satirical view on current issues in the U.S. and around world.
South Park makes fun of society's ignorance and prejudice.

Ignore the vulgar delivery, and South Park is the most clever show on television.
by ThisAintOP July 12, 2016
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Animated sitcom/Comedy Central's highest rated show. It follows four young boys, Stan, Kyle, Eric (Cartman), and Kenny, and their misadventures in South Park, CO. It's rated TVMA for crude humor, violence, and offensive language.
South Park is crazier than The Simpsons.
by LAZI April 23, 2017
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The South Park community of Houston, Texas is a broad development in the south-central area of the city, just south of MacGregor Park (from which it gets its name) and the 610 Loop. According to the 2000 Census, the community has a population of 22,282. 81% of the South Park population is African American, compared to 25% for the city as a whole. Houston's Martin Luther King Boulevard (formerly called South Park Boulevard) runs through the area. The boundaries for South Park are as follows:

North: South Loop 610

South: Beltway 8

East: Mykawa Road

West: Cullen Blvd

The area is also infamous in the region as the origin of codeine cough syrup abuse, which spread across Houston and the Gulf Coast in the 1990s; this part of Houston is the birth of Chopped & screwed music. South Park is a notoriously dangerous section of Houston, as murders, prostitution, rapes, and carjackings have been mostly committed in this section of Houston.

Rappers South Park Mexican, Scarface, Phenomenon kid , K-Rino, Point Blank and the group South Park Coalition are from South Park. John Edward "Big Hawk" Hawkins and the legendary Screwed Up Records and Tapes are part of South Park rap history also.

High schools in the South Park area include Jones High School and Sterling.
I heard them boys got some potent drank in South park.
I know a butt-naked spot in South park where you can get served up.
by Bogga Red March 27, 2007
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The BEST show on the whole fucking planet if you hate it your a fucking retard!!!!!!! But, if you listen to everything it says that makes you a retard too. But, Oh well!! It rocks!!!!!!!!!
Stan"Omg they killed kenny!!"
Kyle"You bastards!"
Never gets old south park is a classic!!!!
by MandaKaye=] August 25, 2008
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the best and stupidest show at the same time. You have little fuckers that go around doing dumb shit that is hilarious.
Hi fellas welcome to south park
by everyonesuckhuge December 31, 2007
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