South Miami is well is a district in Miami the city, it's one of the richest parts of Miami right behind Coral gables. It's home to south Miami hospital otherwise known as the test hospital of the world. Is the best place to live if you really want to live in miami but far as possible to the negro population like : lil havana, allahpahta, north miami, and downtown.
by WALKDO October 31, 2009
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A school full of narcissistic, selfish, fake, retarted people (specially the rich brats).
South Miami Middle School is and will always be a rats nest.
by lol i hate her October 16, 2018
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A school with mostly good people, but the rest are fake. The school is filled with magnet students, and non-magnet students be jealous. 🥰
The school is filled with some rat-people, but the world is also filled with rats, so no need to worry about people’s personalities.
The uniform sucks tho, so does the dress code.
“South Miami Middle School has a great magnet program
by lol i hate her too February 21, 2019
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South Miami middle is full of lil farts and Lil lexys who like to eat crayons and like to catch butterflies. You will most likely be eating mush in lunch .
South Miami middle school will always be a lil fart.
by Lil Fart101 February 25, 2019
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A school full of pretentious shitheads who's only personality trait is that one time in middle school they did two hits of weed, so now they think they all hard n shit.
Yeah I went to South Miami Senior High, spent sophomore year a pothead
by cowlan January 18, 2020
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"The Square" is a tiny, yet locally famous and ghetto sub-neighborhood in South Miami Heights, FL. It is bordered by SW 192nd st. to the south, SW 190th st. to the north, SW 113th pl. to the west, and SW 112th ave. to the east. The Square is directly north of Miami Southridge Senior High School. It is also home to Solid Rock Baptist Church and also Richmond Perrine Optimist Club. It is also right by Southridge Park. The Square's population is about 465. It is about 74% Black and 26% Hispanic, White, or Other. The Square doesn't get the best of reputations with regards to safety, but different people will say different things. I am not fully sure how safe or unsafe The Square is. But, The Square is a unique micro-ghetto area with architecture that is unique to The South Miami Heights area and i personally like it there and have friends from there. The Square has it's name "The Square" because if you look on Google Maps in Satellite mode, you see that this neighborhood makes the shape of a square. I got the Demographic info. from City
Yo dawg, lets go chill in "The Square". Cuz dats ma hood.

I live in "The Square, South Miami Heights, FL".
by BigM2390 KO May 24, 2013
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Where to start well South Miami must be the most terrible school in the universe. The students some if not all are complete fuck heads. Practically everyone has, had or will participate in the act of experimenting with drugs. It pains me to go this school. Never ever ever ever ever visit this school you will go in innocent and come out a druggie. I hate this school and everyone in it.
Person 1: Hey, have you heard of this school called South Miami Senior High School?

Person 2: *high* Yeah bro I went there and everyone smoked weed and well I tried some.

Person 1: Wow.
by Cool guy7990 August 6, 2010
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