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One of the oldest schools in hick-town Johnston County, where the kids are sluts who practice incest and the teachers have criminal records. This was the last high school in Johnston County to become integrated, which doesn't surprise most of their students. Despite all of it's flaws, this school is considered the best out of every other high school in this county. It's rival is the one and only Nazi-based school, West Johnston High School. The ways to get an absence excused here are with doctor notes, court notes, or if you were working on the farm with your brother/fiancée. This, I shit you not.
Son, c'mon, our work here on this ol' farm's dun and over with. We gotta go to South Johnston High School now, hey, pass me yer math homework, I didn't finish mine yet. Oh never mind, I'll just copy it when we get to class.
by MadamCadaver March 23, 2011
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