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Large-framed, hyper-masculine & macrophallic Black thugs, bullies & muscle-men of Dravidian descent.

Their intimidatingly strong Negro-Dravidian physique, more robust Australoid bone structure & traditional expertise in Dravidian Martial Arts imply that even small groups of these goons can quickly muscle out local men. In the post-Nehruvian period, these 'Dravidian Warriors' have established total dominance over us Indo-Aryan Boys in North Indian metros (esp Bombay, Hyderabad, Delhi & Calcutta), over Malay & Chinese boys in Malaccan towns (esp Singapore & Kuala Lumpur) & over Anglo Boys in British & Anglophone cities (esp London, Toronto & Melbourne). Hence, they are feared by males of virtually all other races.

This dread with which they are held by local males is only exceeded by the sexual welcome accorded them by local womenfolk. As the Dravidian Penis, which measures among the largest in the world, far exceeds the Indo-Aryan Penis, Malay Penis, Chinese Penis & Anglo Penis, these 'Dravidian Stallions' rapidly monopolize the favours of local females. This 'Sexual Dravidianisation' completes the total emasculation, feminisation & homosexualisation of local lads.

Historically, widespread use of Dravidoids as Goondas is based on precedents set by Mughals (Later Timurids), who imported 'Telingas', 'Makranis' & 'Malabaris' to control their empire, & the British Thalassocracy which used 'Madrasi Sepoys' to patrol North Indian towns.
1) Chota Miyan: Leave me alone! My Behen's (sister's) yaar (lover) is a Big Black South Indian Goonda!
Burra Miyan: (backs off).

2) "South Indian Goondas perform the following valuable social functions:
a. Increasing Penis Size: Let's face it - the only reason we are slightly larger than Central Europeans & Tibetans
is because of the Dravidians in our midst. They save us from total embarassment because the world doesn't learn how small the Indo-Aryan Penis really is!
b. Satisfying Our Aryan women: Just imagine how irritated & frustrated our womenfolk would be if all they had were our puny Ganges Worms!
c. Beating up Local Police-Men & Keeping Them in Line: Yes, they prevent police excesses!" - 'Why North Indian Metro Boys should be thankful to South Indian Goondas' Amir,, 12 Sep 2010.

3) However, others are not so charitable: "Bal goes on to list the crimes of 'South Indian goondas': (1) Bootlegging, (2) Street robberies, (3) Dock theft, (4) Smuggling (5) Hawking smuggled & fake goods & pushing out the Maharashtrian vegetable vendors by force, (6) Blackmarket in railway & cinema tickets. 7) Rice smuggling. 8) Collecting rent & pugree from unauthorised constructions. 9) Controlling public santitary conveniences & demanding money from users. 10) Extortion from gullible customers by shoe-shine boys, 11) Kidnapping & maining children to be used later for begging, (12) Wagon looting." ('Maharashtra: The Shiv Sena Cult' Enlite {Light Pubns, 1967} v1: 22f)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza May 17, 2011
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