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Have you ever screamed "freedom" across a deep canyon as an eagle sheds a tear from above?If so then you've probably been the South Greene. South Greene is a small school at the bottom of the damn Appalachian Mountains. On a normal day the boys drive there lifted truck with and American flag and a Rebel flag to show their pride. More often than not you'll be greeted at the door by and good ole day and he'll say "rebel pride runs deep in the heart of the south".He right. So if you ever move to Greeneville,TN choose SGHS. You could choose West Greene,North Greene,or Chuckey-Doak but then you wouldn't have any pride and you'd probably have to suck off your cousin.
"Dad what does freedom look like in its purest form?"

"Son it's a little place nesseled in The Appalachian Mountains called South Greene High School"
by BigdaddyJ February 16, 2017
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