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A Rather interesting and whore-ish cultural and social melting pot located in Northern Georgia. The Schools administration; who are lead by the steadfast leadership of Mr. Richard Gill, live by their motto "Learn today, lead tomorrow" This motto is widely joked about and mocked as "Learn today, Lead poisoning Tomorrow"

The school is made up of; about 50% Wigger and Rich White Kids, 20% Rednecks, 10% Punk/Goth/Emo, 10% Thespian, and 10% Band Nerd.
Person 1: Yeah, I go to South Forsyth High School,

Person 2: Ha!

Person 1: Stfu n00b! Fo syth fo life!
by FreeRoosterSales December 21, 2004
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A school filled with superficial rich kids who have lost their creativeness and originality. For fun the students in this school enjoy copying eachother's styles and personalities.
This is a school where you turn around and see every girl wearing the exact same Vera Bradley bag.
This is also filled with kids who think they are "hardcore" because they smoke weed.
Made up of 98% Conformists White Kids 1%Black, 1% Mexican
Person 1: Look At those South Forsyth High School Kids smoking weed.
Person 2: haha they're so gay, weed is so 3 years ago.
by HARDCAH October 20, 2008
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