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A new high school located in South Elgin, IL. This school is infested with kids of the emo persuasion, as well as many gangsters (also, the ever unpopular wangsters) and slutty "popular" freshmen. There are a few nerds here and there, but do we really care about that? South Elgin is a place where heads are held high with pride and excitement, but most of the time that's just the drugs keeping the students so awake. Being a student or faculty member at South Elgin comes with it's risks, though. We all remember the m80 and the "gang fight" (which sadly never happened) of 2008. SEHS can be a place of warmth and contentment, too. I'm sure I speak for every student when I say that when I look out of the library window and I see those cows grazing on the farm across the field from the track, my heart goes to mush as I awe and take in that sweet, cow-stenchy air. Mm-mm. Other than all of this nonsense, there's really nothing more to say about South Elgin except it might just be the equivalent of a blister or a parent- it just won't go away.
Do you remember the m80?
At South Elgin High School?
Yep. Good times.
by handy dandy notebook August 28, 2008
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a school where the fire alarm gets pulled twice a week by some ghetto kid considering the fact that half the kids in that school think they are some "hardcore" gangsters. you'll see some bitch prego every corner you turn in. not to mention the factthat freshmen girls are sluts & try to get with any upperclassmen that will look at them. & the sophmore girls walk aroud like theres some stick up there ass thinking there hottstuff because there no longer freshmen someone tell the boys there still under classmen being sophmores. and not to mention the juniors who think there cool cause they can finally drive with there new cars. and brag about there weekends. seniors...there leaving so they dont matter. but the guys are creeps trying to get with freshmen sluts. the halls are over crowded. and teachers are extremly strict.
YOU:what school do you go to?
ME:south elgin high school.
YOU:damn that blows!
ME:yeah just like the freshmen girls.
by southelginstudent May 14, 2009
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South Elgin High School is a school in the district of u-46 in illinois.
South Elgin High School would rank 2nd best in the district following after Bartlett High school.

It's the youngest school in the district and includes the Beacon Academy.

I honestly think this is a pretty good school, compared to Elgin,Streamwood, and Larkin.

This school is honestly really really goood,(:
Guy : Hey what high school do you go to?

Girl : South Elgin High School

Guy : Aww lucky! I have to be stuck in sucky streamwood
by some random person yeah December 06, 2009
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