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The South Dakota Beast is a person who has a very rocky past. They have been through a lot, and has taken many tragedies and turning them into experience.
When they are threatened they become numb. When faced with a challenge they aren't at all threatened, they are merely amused. And will retaliate if necessary.
And one being that is a pest to the Beast is known as The Man, who can't compare to the Beast. The Beast has been beaten, attacked, misused, betrayed, misled, and left in it's past. The Beast was most likely a gangster in it's past, to fight for their once friends. They are most likely lost and do not know what to do. The South Dakota Beast is street smart. They most definitely know how to fight, and how to truly hurt someone. But they don't want to. They are creative, rather to be in their own world, trying to blank out the cold world around them. They are usually quiet, they believe if they are quiet they can learn more and perhaps even make friends. They are perceived as vicious creatures, however they will become vicious, ferocious beasts if messed with. Yes, the South Dakota Beast will maul you.
Random Person: "Wow! Didju see that dude? He totally wrecked that douche!"

Random Person 2: "Yep, that's a South Dakota Beast."

Random Person: "Why is that girl so quiet? It's creepy..."
Random Person 2: "Ya, I think that's a South Dakota Beast..."

Random Person: "Did ya hear? The Man was messing with Fangirl F.A.W., and The South Dakota Beast mauled her/him!"

The Man: You are an idiot.
The South Dakota Beast: Oh, okay. Glad we cleared that up.
by T-Shrooms April 17, 2010
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